❓ Who can compete in the NPC competition "Power of the Knight"?

The competition is open to all athletes worldwide.

❓ How to register for the NPC competition "Power of the Knight"?

Everyone who wants to take part in the NPC competitions must:

    1. Sign up for the NPC Worldwide Membership and pay the annual fee. Link to registry: https://www.npcworldwide-register.com/login
    2. Register and pay for the event here: https://www.muscleware.com/register.php?c=2022-LTUREG-KUN&mw_lang=EN
    3. Athlete Check-in (required for all athletes) and physical registration for the competition on May 14 th 12:00 to 15:00. K. Donelaičio st. 27, Kaunas, Radisson Hotel Kaunas.
    4. Online registration and payment is open until May 12. You may still register during athlete check-in.

❓ What is the entry fee for the "Power of the Knight"?

The fee for the main category participant is 100 Eur. Each additional category  50 Eur.

❓ Can I participate in more than one category?

Athletes can participate in different classes and categories. E.g. bikini + wellness or Men's physique + classic physique + bodybuilding. Also, in several categories e.g. bodybuilders novices + bodybuilders veterans + bodybuilders open, or attend another class.

Who is the official tanning and make-up company for the competition?

ProTan is the official tanning and make-up company for the event.  Don’t wait to book your tanning or your make-up.  Reserve now https://www.protan-europe.com/book-your-tan/370.

Is there a special rate/discount code for athletes and guests for the competition at the host hotel Radisson Hotel Kaunas?

Yes! You can use the special rate/discount code NPC2022 and request your reservation by emailing [email protected]

Will I be able to register during athlete check-in on May 14th if I didn’t register online?

If you are not able to register and pay online, you can register during athlete check-in on May 14.  Please note that the entry fee for the main category will be 125 Eur instead of 100 Eur.

Can I register online for the main category and register for additional categories during athlete check-in?

Yes, after registering online and paying the entry fee for the main category, athletes will be able to register for an additional category during athlete check-in.

❓Will the spectator ticket give access to backstage?

The spectator ticket only gives the opportunity to watch the competition. Coach/Trainer passes will only be available during athlete registration on May 14.  The Coach/Trainer pass will allow you access to backstage, but it does not include a ticket to watch the competition price 20 EUR.  If you would like to watch the competition you will have to purchase a separate ticket. Special offer: trainer pass+ticket 35 Eur. Available only during physical registration on May 14th.

❓ Where can I buy tickets to the competition? 

Tickets will only be sold online. Link: https://www.npc-lithuania.com/tickets/

❓ What adress and name of the venue?

Venue "Girstučio culture center" Kovo 11-osios str. 26, Kaunas

❓ What are shedule for the competition?

  • Men’s Classic Physique
  • Women’s Figure
  • Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Women’s Bikini
  • Men’s Physique
  • Women’s Wellness

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