❓ Who can compete in the NPC competition "Power of the Knight"?

The competition is open to all athletes worldwide.

❓ How to register for the NPC competition "Power of the Knight"?

Everyone who wants to take part in the NPC competitions must:

    1. Sign up for the NPC Worldwide Membership and pay the annual fee Became NPC member
    2. Register and pay for the event here: Registration for competiton
    3. Athlete Check-in (required for all athletes)  for the competition on September 21 st 12:00 to 15:00. 
    4. Online registration and payment is open until November 1st.  You may still register during athlete check-in Naugarduko g. 76, Vilnius, 03202.

❓ What is the entry fee for the "Power of the Knight"?

The fee for the main category participant is 105 Eur. Each additional category  55 Eur.

❓ Can I participate in more than one category?

Athletes can participate in different classes and categories. E.g. bikini + wellness or Men's physique + classic physique + bodybuilding. Also, in several categories e.g. bodybuilders novices + bodybuilders veterans + bodybuilders open, or attend another class.

Who is the official tanning and make-up company for the competition?

ProTan is the official tanning company for the event.  Don’t wait to book your tan. 
Book You tan

Is there a special rate/discount code for athletes and guests for the competition at the host hotel "Kaunas Hotel"?

Yes! You can get the special rate/discount  at our website:  Book Your room

Will I be able to register during athlete check-in on November 4th  if I didn’t register online?

If you are not able to register and pay online, you can register during athlete check-in on November 4th.  Please note that the entry fee for the main category will be 125 Eur instead of 100 Eur.

Can I register online for the main category and register for additional categories during athlete check-in?

Yes, after registering online and paying the entry fee for the main category, athletes will be able to register for an additional category during athlete check-in.

❓Will the spectator ticket give access to backstage?

The spectator ticket only gives the opportunity to watch the competition. Coach/Trainer passes  (backstage) will only be available during athletes check in for 40 Eur.  Coach/Trainer pass will allow you access to backstage, but it does not include a ticket to watch the competition.  If you would like to watch the competition you will have to purchase a separate ticket.

❓ Where can I buy tickets to the competition? 

Tickets will only be sold online Buy ticket

❓ What adress and name of the venue?

Venue "Girstučio culture center" Kovo 11-osios str. 26, Kaunas

❓ What are shedule for the competition?

  • Men’s Classic Physique
  • Women’s Figure
  • Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Women’s Bikini
  • Men’s Physique
  • Women’s Wellness

❓ Does it possible to take photos and videos during competition?

Not authorized photographer / video maker are prohibited during competition. Photo and video packages are available. Photo packages included competition photos of athlete and studio photo shooting at the venue. Video packages includes athletes comparisons, presentation and posing routine Buy photo / vieo package

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